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Secrets to Making a Woman Really Laugh

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Secrets to Making a Woman Really Laugh

Secrets to Making a Woman Really Laugh
Posted by Ann on November 3, 2020

I’ve always been a huge fan of that movie, and I laugh just as hard today when I see it as I did when I first saw it.

One of the things that makes that movie so funny is the completely unexpected gag. For instance, there’s a scene where all the emergency vehicles are heading for the runaway and as you watch them come out, suddenly a Budweiser Beer truck appears in the line of vehicles.

It’s completely unexpected, and catches you off guard. I remember watching that movie with my Dad in the 80’s, and he almost fell off the couch laughing so hard.

Probably the funniest and utterly unpredictable scenes is this one, the famous “and Leon’s getting laaaaaarger!” scene:

There is absolutely no way to predict that scene. It is completely illogical, and has nothing to do with the story (or anything else for that matter). Yet it is hilarious, and the randomness of that scene makes it so.

Making women laugh is a vital aspect of attraction and if you are a man serious about attracting women, you should be serious about developing your sense of humor, not just one kind, but multiple kinds.

That’s one reason why truly funny movies like Airplane are worth watching, as well as truly unfunny movies (like anything put out by Ben Stiller). Airplane has stood the test of time, and makes new generations laugh decade after decade.

Now, the kind of humor in Airplane is difficult to pull off in a social setting, and can wear thin very quickly. If it was a two hour movie, it’d be funny for about 70 minutes, then that would be that.

However, on occasion, random gag humor can be hilarious. Not only that, when you get your sense of timing down, it can not only make people laugh, but make them laugh uproariously, like the “leon” scene.

Get a reputation as a truly funny guy, and opportunity will come your way. But be careful on your way to doing so. Being funny means paying close attention to the things you do and say that people do NOT laugh at so you won’t repeat them.

Nothing is worse than a guy who thinks he’s funny, but he’s not, and nothing is more attractive than a guy who is genuinely funny with a razor sharp sense of timing. No one is born this way, but it is a skill you can acquire, and a very, very attractive skill to women.

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