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Idle Basketball

Posted by luss silas on May 28, 2021

Like basketball legends game, Idle Basketball is a fun basketball idle game in which you earn money for shooting hoops.

Are you currently a fan of basketball or a natural businessman? Along with this totally free video game you will need to be both associated together to become standard by boosting your players’ statistics because, for every single successful chance, a person will earn a few bills.

Start together with a solitary guy capturing nets out on a simple community courtroom. Soon sufficient it is possible to enhance his features, like the speed as well since the precision, as nicely since the amount of money per shot you may earn. Degree upward to uncover brand new photographers to create more and much more money

1v1 Battle

Posted by luss silas on May 28, 2021

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, ZXCV = build, 1-4 = weapons

"1v1 Battle" is a fascinating first-person multiplayer online building and shooting game similar to "Fortnite". You will have to use, not only weapons but also walls, ramps, and other sorts of structures to build fortresses or trap your enemies in.

Every time you win a battle, you will earn a safe full of useful stuff, like upgrades or weapons. Be careful not to stay for too long in the red zone, which will slowly take over the whole field, leaving you no other option than going face your rival.

Did you enjoy playing this game? If you want a better gaming experience, you can play the game in Full-Screen mode at the website: happy wheels!

How to play?

How to play?
Posted by peterjohnee1 on May 25, 2021

Game with a giant cookie, click to create more cookies. With the amount created,  cookie clicker 2 you can buy many tools to help you idle, automatically click such as grandma, factory, Time machine ...

Smart Tools

Smart Tools
Posted by lindaperryly on May 24, 2021

Meet many good friends to have the opportunity to develop yourself standard deviation calculator free

New games

Posted by linly on May 24, 2021

Focus on your good sides and grow cookie clicker 3 online

A new game that comes out recently and gives you a great relaxation time that you have never experienced.


Posted by finder on May 20, 2021

Crossword is a puzzle game, and as the title suggests, you will try to fill up a crossword puzzle. 

There's a little twist though, you don't have any clues to go on. All you get are some letters that are already on the board, and some letters you can use to fill the board. 

Each time you tap a tile to use a letter, all other tiles using that letter will automatically be filled as well. Sounds easy enough, right? 

Well, you can go through all five levels of difficulty to keep the game interesting, so you can enjoy all those brain-teasing crossword puzzles. 

If you're having trouble playing Crossword, use a free online word finder. This is the best word finder that helps you create, find a word that starts with a certain letter, or words of a certain length. 

The tool gives you the meaning of each word! The homepage of the word finder:

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

Posted by finder on May 20, 2021

Similar to the solitaire spider game, Solitaire Ancient Egypt is also an interesting game. "Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt" is a pleasurable and intensely challenging solitaire card on the internet game in which an individual must remove every one of the particular playing cards simply by adding thirteen. 

That you just remove almost all of the playing cards about almost just about all of the stand-by models of which often add just ignore about or much less in contrast together with thirteen. 

Add practically all of typically the K besides almost all of the As, generally the eight, in addition to typically the many, plus the 8-10 as well as the several to be able to be in a new position in order to take into account them off by simply means of typically the game. 

Not really from all periods can you come to end up being able to get rid of each of typically the credit homemade cards, nevertheless do your overall very own best to manage to achieve the finest score feasible. 

Inside of "Pyramid Solitaire Older Egypt" you may have typically the potential for using just one single credit card plus spare of which apart to check to lower the road alongside combined with other varieties as well since imagination your existing mind someone may possibly also have to be able to be in a position to full the certain porch within the keeping side.

Shaun the Sheep: Chick n Spoon

Posted by galvin on April 2, 2021


Run = Arrows / WASD,

Space = jump and throw

Shaun the Sheep: Woman n Spoon is very a fun length operate and bounce sport that problems a single run since much as achievable and never have to drop your current ovum or your current girl.

The amusing lamb character known as Shaun challenges a good individual to become capable to master a good determined competition, generally executed in sports situations, called Egg as well as spoon race.

Help Shaun to perform since far as possible in addition to throw a particular egg is typically the particular air to be able to accumulate as many stars as you could. Ultimately, a sweet small chick may arrive out concerning the particular ovum and carry out their short flights inside order to accumulate more celebrities when you toss it, nonetheless make your finest to catch this specific when it droplets down.

Play Shaun the Sheep: Chick n Spoon right now at cookie clicker!

How do you see subtitles in video games?

Posted by galvin on April 2, 2021

Yep! I like having the option, but by and large. It can be a double-edged sword in terms of undercutting a performance or just reading

 something slightly before it is supposed to be said

, it is more helpful than not, sometimes you can't make out what someone is saying, but a subtitle can keep it from being a mystery.

Play exciting games like cookie clicker!

Juggling Five at Once (Poorly)

Juggling Five at Once (Poorly)
Posted by Ann on March 31, 2021

Dear Bitter Single Guy: I recently found myself caught not in a love triangle but something far worse. I met “Matt” online and we hit it off, now he wants to take things seriously (wants me to move from the US to England with him). While my best friend “Jay” wants to marry me, and we are currently engaged.



Slave Lake classifieds

North York classifieds

Markham classifieds

Yorkton classifieds

After quite some time I realized that Jay isn’t the “one”. Then the plot thickens.*Dun dun dun…* Before Christmas I met “Mark” who is really great but sometimes I feel like he’s not completely honest with me. Then finally my newest problem, “Kaz”, who I’m not quite sure of yet but we both want to date each other, and despite my better judgment have really fallen for. I have another good friend who wants the same but I don’t share his feelings at all. Help, I’m know I’m definitely in way over my head, and it sounds like I’m a teenager again, I should know better, but alas, I’m here. ~Teenager All Over Again~

Dear TAOA: Really? Get thee to a nunnery TAOA. (The BSG and The Bard are like, tight) Are you kidding the Bitter Single Guy with this crap? In summary then:

  • Matt is in the UK and wants you to move and marry him.
    •  Matt in the UK: call him (emailing is tacky, even for exclusively online relationships. If you’ve never actually spoken live and he’s asking you to come to the UK to live with him, the BSG doesn’t even have time to rant about that.) and tell him that you think he’s a great guy, but that you’re already engaged (no need to mention the other men you’re juggling unless he pushes) and so are breaking it off with him. Then break if off with him.
    • Your fiancé Jay: Break up with him. The BSG already realizes that you tend toward wishy-washiness and he believes this will result in you sitting at your kitchen table after ten miserable years (for you and Jay both), telling your best friend (as Lucy would tell Ethel at the kitchen table) that you never believed Jay was the “one”. Don’t wait to be miserable; you and Jay are done.
    • Not-Completely-Honest-Mark: Be completely honest with him. You’re engaged, you’re seeing several other people, tell him everything. Not-Completely-Honest-Mark, if he’s like many not-completely-honest people, will freak out at the idea of your dishonesty and will flee. He’s the lucky one so far.
    • New Guy Kaz: You’re not going to date Kaz. The BSG doesn’t care how much you both want to date. Don’t you SEE the construction site you live in because of all these other projects?
    • Your good friend who has feelings for you: Geez TAOA don’t make the BSG come over there.  Tell him you’re happy to have him as a friend, but that you’re not interested. Then be sure you’re not sending him mixed signals because the BSG doesn’t think you can be trusted not to entice men into dating you.
  • TAOA the BSG has great compassion for you and is pleased that you (finally) recognized that things had gotten a little out of control, but he also believes that sometimes firm boundaries have to be set. SET them. The BSG thinks that the best thing that can happen to you for awhile is to be completely unencumbered by relationships so you can learn how this got so out of hand.

    The BSG is also concerned for the karmic debt you’re incurring by keeping all these men on the leash. If this were a home improvement advice column, the BSG would have you give away all your tools and learn to live happily in your home as it is before you picked up a hammer again and started breaking things.