Signed up November 16, 2023

Total control over the pricing, marketing, and showing of your home Steve and Cassie M. Home raquo; I am Selling raquo; 12 Tips for selling your home This might seem an odd benefit, but it’s an important one. Kevin Shaw, Managing Director of Sales at Romans, explains: “Imagine if every person who wanted or needed to move decided not to list their home for sale until they had found somewhere they wanted to buy. Effectively, there would be no properties available to buy – the huge demand for new properties on the market simply isn’t met with the supply. This causes a huge gridlock in local property markets, which in turn affects house prices and can greatly delay the moving process for many people.” We are here for you from day one until your closing date. If you want to know anything like your current home value and how much home equity you need to buy a new construction home, contact Marketplace Homes today.


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