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Shaun the Sheep: Chick n Spoon

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Shaun the Sheep: Chick n Spoon

Posted by galvin on April 2, 2021


Run = Arrows / WASD,

Space = jump and throw

Shaun the Sheep: Woman n Spoon is very a fun length operate and bounce sport that problems a single run since much as achievable and never have to drop your current ovum or your current girl.

The amusing lamb character known as Shaun challenges a good individual to become capable to master a good determined competition, generally executed in sports situations, called Egg as well as spoon race.

Help Shaun to perform since far as possible in addition to throw a particular egg is typically the particular air to be able to accumulate as many stars as you could. Ultimately, a sweet small chick may arrive out concerning the particular ovum and carry out their short flights inside order to accumulate more celebrities when you toss it, nonetheless make your finest to catch this specific when it droplets down.

Play Shaun the Sheep: Chick n Spoon right now at cookie clicker!

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