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Detailed Guide on TurboTax Error 42016

Posted by Maria Jhon on October 13, 2020

TurboTax is famous amongst users because of numerous positive reasons. This amazing tax filing software helps the users receive maximum tax refunds state and federal income tax returns. Each passing year, TurboTax comes with top-notch features, bug fixes, new updates, and the latest technologies. TurboTax was introduced long back by Intuit, and currently, it is one of the most reliable software amongst the taxpaying class. However, there are times when the taxpayers cannot decide which version is best for them, and hence they often raise a query regarding Turbotax Deluxe Vs. Premier, and which one is best for them in these two. Apart from this, users often come across TurboTax errors, and one of the most common TurboTax errors frequently encountered by users is error code 42016.

Know the Primary Reasons for TurboTax Error Code 42016

TurboTax error 42016 is a runtime error, and these errors can occur anytime on the screen without any prior warning. The error message will appear on the screen repeatedly if you do not address them initially, and the reasons for error code 42016 are relatively similar, like error 2318 and 42015. Below are some of the primary reasons:

  • A bad graphics driver
  • Memory Problem
  • Incomplete download of the TurboTax setup file
  • Poor network connection or virus infection

Troubleshooting Methods to Get Rid of this Error

  • Close all the conflicting programs
  • Reinstall runtime libraries
  • Reinstall your graphics driver
  • Install the latest Windows update
  • Update your virus protection program
  • If the runtime error is Internet Explorer related, then follow the below mentioned ways:
  • Reset your browser
  • Disable script debugging & error notifications

Track the whole guide with detailed elaboration on how one can get rid of TurboTax error 42016. The ways mentioned above will surely help you eradicate this runtime error which can pop up on your screen anytime while you’re using TurboTax. Moreover, the reasons for this error will give you proper insight into why this error pops out. Apart from this, users looking for the solution or searching the stepwise guide for ‘how do I speak to a live person at TurboTax should not stress more as one can easily contact them through different means.   

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