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How To Maintain Eye Contact With Women (And Smile)

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How To Maintain Eye Contact With Women (And Smile)

Posted by Ann on July 22, 2020

The deep mystery concerning eye contact with women - solved at last!

Eye Contact with Women

The deep mystery concerning eye contact with women – solved at last! And a few pointers on your pearly whites.

Uh, yeah. You should definitely look at your date while you’re out with her.

Seriously, does anyone really need an article to actually explain this?

You can find all sorts of “theories” about why you should maintain eye contact with women. Some of them are pretty good. I’ll skip those and cut straight to what our research and testing results shows (read: what actually gets results when we talk to real women on the street).

Maintaining eye contact when you’re with a woman who is into you can be powerful. Add in a subtle smile and you’re golden. Not a big giant grin. You want her to not really even know if you’re smiling.

Practice in a mirror.

The final verdict – Yes! Eye contact with women is good.

No, you shouldn’t get all creepy and stare at her the way a fat kid eyes a slice of deep-fried pizza.

And no, by eye contact we don’t mean you should reach across the table and try to touch her eyeballs.

Contacts are always better than glasses.

Lasik is better than contacts (although colored contacts test really well with lots of girls).

But if you can’t hold her gaze while having a relaxed conversation with her, making her laugh, a gentle and open smile on your face, then yup, you’re in for a tough time.

And speaking of smiles …

Get your teeth whitened.

Get your teeth fixed.

Get rid of your bad breath.

Get that food out from between your chompers.

Be sure to look at her and smile.

And yes, it really does help if you can remember her name. Especially after you marry her.

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