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Beware The Ontario Backpages

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Beware The Ontario Backpages

Beware The Ontario Backpages
Posted by Ann on February 4, 2020

I can see nothing wrong with the Kitchener guy, everything sounds absolutely normal to me, I know many people who commited as early as that and I dont see any point in being involved with time wasters (you know, the kind of guys who need time to find out whether they are in love with you, they need time to find out whether you’re good enough for them etc etc)

However, I can see one quite serious problem in your relationship that has absolutely nothing to do with your Halifax boyfriend. Instead, it has to do with your attitude: Why do you feel the need to talk about him to strangers, expose your relationship in the internet and get “advice” from Brampton people who have nothing in common with you?? What makes you think that their opinion matters?? Your relationship is YOURS, and you should respect it, never share details, not even anonymously on the internet. You seem to be well educated, I believe you should try to value your personal life and keep it just for yourself and your partner. Speaking about it will only make Guelph people jealous and I dont think there is any point in receiving other peiple’s jealousy.

I hope you are still together with your Kingston guy, please keep my advice deep in your mind: Don’t talk about your personal life. Talking too much will destroy any chance of happiness.

I would also like to add that a guy with two phds and professional success is much more into commitment than any other Regina guy. His life is dedicated to his science. All he needs then, is a woman to support him. No time for playing around, no time for silly relationships. As soon as he finds the woman that can offer him nice companionship of a certain level, of course he will commit.

All those nonsense i read above is written about people who have never done anything serious in their lives, have no idea what commitment means and waste their times in useless relationships of the type “let’s go out for months and see how it goes”. Dating in Ontario for months with 2-3-4 people at the same time, in order to find out who meets your criteria and nonsense… No guy with a serious job and a serious educational background has enough spare time to waste it on silly dating. Being myself a woman with a strong background and several Durham friends in the same position, I can guarantee that.

Good luck with your guy, I wish all the best.

OP – no hatred meant on my part towards you. My initial “run away” comment is somewhat extreme and doesn’t reflect balance. It was a gut versus logical reaction. Please skip that part of what I saying and look at the overwhelming “be reasonable” advice being given by almost everyone else. My apologies if you took what I was saying as a personal attack. I may speak my mind, but I don’t advocate the tearing down of anyone.

Also, my advice was to not take things at face value but to question critically. I wasn’t suggesting that she “run away” but that’s all she hears. (Again, that’s because I think she knows the answer to the question may reflect badly on her). Only on an Internet blog is “Be Reasonable” considered bad advice. Thumbs down for critical thinking!

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